The invention of the wheel was one of the greatest invention of mankind. For a long time, the wooden and metallic wheels were used. These wheels served their purpose well and remained popular for long. But these wheels were unstable and prone to break on jerks. Also, they were not able to absorb road read more


Tubeless Tyres

Everything about tubeless tyres

Tubeless tyres have become a trend now days. More and more people are switching to tubeless tyres from the tube ones. With this post we will try to understand their benefits in a short and simple way read more


Nitrogen In Tyres

Nitrogen in tyres

More and more people are switching to nitrogen instead of air, for their tyres. Everybody seems to be convinced about the benefits of Nitrogen for their tyres. Even a layman may tell u multiple benefits of it. People are so much convinced that they are ready to pay a higher cost for it. In today's article we will look at all the so called  benefits and will try to find out the reality read more

Why Tyres Have Treads On Them

The rubber grooves or galleries present on the tyre surface are called treads. They are of various shapes and designs. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind their existence or have you ever thought about the pattern of these grooves. Let's talk about the science behind them  read more

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