Future Cars

How hybrid cars work?
Any vehicle which can be powered by two or more sources is called a Hybrid vehicle.  A very common example of the Hybrid vehicle is the Mopeds, which are powered by Engine and pedal both. Alternatively, you can think of an electric bike, which can be powered by an electric motor or can be pedalled mechanically. Other examples may have a combination of Fuel Cell and a  Read more ~

Self-driving or autonomous cars are the future of automobiles. These cars would relieve humans from driving work, making it safer and easier. 94 percent of fatal accidents worldwide are caused by human errors. It means, eliminating humans from the driving process will reduce the number of accidents to a much lower level. Making mistakes is human nature, and those mistakes  Read more ~

The 6 levels of automation in self driving cars

The autopilot or self-driving cars were a long-awaited fantasy, for the people. The cars driven by their own intelligent system were seen only in Sci-Fi movies. This technology was available in aeroplanes, for a long time. In cars, some substantial results were seen only when Google launched its first full-fledged autonomous car in 2014. The developments by Google forced other automotive  Read more ~

How does Tesla's electric cars works?

Engineers all over the world are striving hard to develop emission less cars. The Electric Vehicles or EVs have emerged as a hope for them. The EVs has proven their potential to completely replace the IC engine cars.  EVs are powered by batteries, which can be charged easily by electricity.  These vehicles are emission-free and do not release any pollutant to the environment  Read more ~

How Hydrogen Cars Work ?

How does a hydrogen car works?

The number of vehicles on the road is skyrocketing with the time. As per the society of India Automobile Manufacturers, about 26 million vehicles were sold in India in year 2018-19. As per some other reports, about  Read more ~

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