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Automotive technologies  fascinate us since their very inception. Most of us have a desire to understand the complex mechanisms working behind our cars. People are also curious about  the physics and mechanics involved in Automobiles.  But the reliable sources are a few. Autocurious was formed with an aim to educate people about technical innovations and inventions in the field of automotives.  It is the guiding principle behind our work, and motivates us to work harder to produce a quality and easy to understand content for our viewers. We believe that the technical knowledge empowers us and broadens our view point. That’s why Autocurious is dedicated to to bring intersting technical knowledge to  empower you and quench your curiosity about cars and bikes. 

We are always open for your valuable feedbacks and suggestions. You can contact us through our contact form  or you can directly mail us at adityashuklabelhi@gmail.com. You are the main driving force behind Autocurious, we consistently work on your feedbacks. So feel free to reach us 24×7.

About The Author

Aditya  Shukla is an automobile engineer and the founder of autocurious.com.  Currently he is working in a multinational automobile company. He is very enthusiastic and have vast knowledge about cars and motorcycles. He has been writing articles on several other platforms and have good hands-on experience of teaching automobile engineering to people.

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