Top 10 Reasons to Buy an EV in 2022

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If you are thinking about replacing your old automobile, it is high time to consider investing in an EV (Electric Vehicle). The surging gas prices paired with growing environmental problems are enough reason to give up on conventional vehicles running on fossil fuels. Gone are the days when people had far too many concerns about EVs in terms of performance and affordability. EVs are the only eco-friendly form of automated transport and excel combustion engine cars in all aspects. If you’re still not convinced, here are the top 10 reasons to buy an EV in 2022:

It’s a major step towards a Green Lifestyle

Electric cars are green technology.

Driving an EV will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. An EV produces zero emissions, which means no air pollution and global warming on your behalf. You and your passengers will be exposed to lower levels of greenhouse gases on a daily basis, which has significant health benefits. 

EVs are available at competitive prices today

Evs or electric vehicles are available at competitive prices

Various illustrious electric cars like the Tesla are outrageously expensive, but lots of cheaper options have infiltrated the market in recent years. Many brand new electric cars cost the same (or even lower) as any conventional car, so they’re no more unattainable. 

They are highly fuel efficient

Energy conversion in combustion engine vehicles is barely 20-30%, whereas fuel efficiency in EVs is up to 90%. This means you waste minimum fuel and cut back operating expenses. Charging an EV is essentially cheaper than filling up a tank with gasoline; hence, you save money whilst operating your car on sustainable energy. 

No more frustrating stops at Gas Stations

Electric cars are better than IC engine Cars

If you despise waiting in line to fuel up at gas stations every other day, an EV is going to make your life easy. You can plug it to charge at home anytime, so your plans are never delayed due to a gas stop. EVs are especially convenient for people who need a compact car for daily commute within a town or city. 

They require minimal maintenance

EVs require almost no maintenance

Since EVs lack the traditional engine and counterparts, they require far less maintenance. You don’t have to go for an oil change or replace fuel filters because of fewer moving components.  Additionally, electric cars employ regenerative braking, i.e. brake pads on an electric car can last twice as long as those on a conventional car.

New EVs provide ample mileage 

A couple of years back, many people were against the idea of shifting to an EV because of its limited mileage. People who have to drive long distances each and every day feared that they would end up stranded in the middle of nowhere if they relied on an EV. Fortunately, newer EV models are good to go for 100-300 miles on a single charge; more advanced and expensive EVs can travel even further.

EVs are safer for you and the environment

Evs are safer for you and environment as they cause minimal air pollution

EVs are safer to drive due to the lack of an internal combustion engine. An EV drives on clean energy and learning to drive one is much easier, as compared to a conventional vehicle. EVs provide instant torque, so you can skip engine idling, and develop better driving habits. Most EVs have a minimalistic design and low center of gravity, so they are less susceptible to toppling and other types of car accidents. 

Excellent Resale Value

Believe it or not, EVs are the highlight of the automotive industry right now, and this won’t change anytime soon. The demand for EVs keeps growing with every passing day, thus investing in one is void of drawbacks. 

Tax credit and other incentives

Several governments around the world are motivating people to invest in greener technology by offering impressive tax benefits. Moreover, many employers are providing charging facilities for employees that drive an EV to work. 

You’ll drive smart everyday

EVs make you smart as they cut down the environmental cost of driving your vehicle

Driving an EV feels good because you’re playing your part to cut down environmental damage and spending less on transportation. You may consider yourself fashion forward and inspire others to employ greener practices as well. 

Author Bio 

John Adams is an environmentalist and technology enthusiast, eager to discuss latest trends and dive into technical details. He always promotes green living in his blogs and encourages readers to make a difference through positive thinking and approach. 

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