Disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona Virus

Corona Virus Cells, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona Virus covid-19

Corona Virus or COVID-19 has emerged as a pandemic all across the world. It was generated in China and has currently spread across half of the world. This disease is fatal and is responsible for many deaths across the globe. The scientists  working to create its antidote have not achieved any success till date. As per the experts, preventing contact from infected person is the best way to prevent spread of this disease. Maintaining personal hygiene is the key. We can curb the spread of Corona Virus by keeping our surroundings clean and disinfected.

Your Car's Cabin Is A Hub Of Microbes

Bacterial growth on car door handle, Corona Virus, covid-19, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona virus

Today, cars have become an integral part of our life. Most of us spend significant amount of our time traveling in the cars. Many of us share our cars or use them as cabs.  In case any infected person board on our car, he can transfer disease causing microbes to the car's cabin. These microbes may then infect you, your family or other passengers in the car. Many interior components like steering wheel, dash board, keys , air ducts and seatbelts provide ideal breeding ground to the Bacterias and other Microbes.  As per experts, the car's interior may contain far greater number of microbes than a toilet seat. These disease causing pathogens come  in contacts with different person and  can very easily transmit various diseases to them. Since, Corona virus is spreading these days, you must maintain proper cleanliness inside your car's cabin. Your responsibility doubles if you are a cab driver. By adopting proper cleaning methods you can prevent the spread of Corona and other  fatal diseases to your passengers.

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Cleaning Your Car The Proper Way

Most of us wash our cars externally but neglect the internals to a large extent. Due to lack of cleanliness and continuous contact with different people, the car's cabin becomes the breeding ground for various bacterias and viruses. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean and disinfect the car's cabin. Let's look at the various car components and how can you clean them effectively.

Corona virus, covid-19, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona virus

Car's keys are exchanged with different hands and have very high probability of transmitting infectious diseases. The pathogens like COVID-19 can get transmitted very easily through your car's keys. The best way to keep them clean and disinfected is by using Alcohol based sanitizers or soap solution.  Do not handover your keys to other people. 

Steering Wheel and Gear Shifting Levers 

Corona Virus, Covid-19, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona virus

Steering wheel and Gear Lever remains in contact with hands for long time. The sweat generated by hands provides the ideal condition for microbial growth. We must clean them  regularly using a rag and soap solution.

Air Ducts

Corona virus, covid-19, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona virus

The air ducts in your car get dirty very easily. The continuous supply of air accumulates dust in the ducts and the air filter. The dust thus accumulated promotes the growth of disease causing microbes. The air moving through those ducts and filters may take away those microbes to the car's cabin and may infect the passengers. Hence, we must replace the air filters after 6 months and clean the air ducts using soap solution or sanitizers. Using a rag or a brush will make our work easier. 

Door Handle and Window Glass Lifters

The Door handles and window glass lifters are generally touched by different hands. This can cause many microbes to stick to their surface. These microbes may get transmitted to different people when they touch them. So clean them regularly using soap solution. We can  even wash them  with other hard disinfecting solutions or bleach since they are plastic parts.

Dash Boards

Corona virus,covid-19, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona virus

The dash boards are also touched by many people and hence may accumulate many pathogens. We can wash them very easily using soap solution or bleach.

Car Seats

Corona virus, covid-19, disinfect Your Car To Fight Corona virus

Car seats are also the host for different pathogens. COVID-19 or others pathogens may get accumulated on them through contact of  infected person. The food particles which occasionally fall on the seats cause a wide range of bacterias to grow on seats. But the chances of their transmission to people  remains less. This is because the seats do not directly come in contact with the human body parts.  Even then we should not take risk and get them vacuum cleaned weekly, as the microbes from seats may spread to other parts of the cabin.  


Although soap solution and sanitizers may appear to be very handy disinfectants, we must abstain from using them on parts covered with leather. Since these cleansing agents  may make the leather rough by absorbing the oil in them. For cleaning leather parts we should either use special leather cleaning solutions or leather conditioner along with soap solution.

As we all know that 'Prevention is better than cure'. We must strive together to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. We can curb this pandemic disease by maintaining proper hygiene and preventing contact with infected person. This was a brief article about 'how can we fight Corona Virus by disinfecting our car's cabin'. We hope you liked it. Please let us know in the comment section below. 


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