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You might have seen the words like DTS-i or HET written on motorcycles. These words in actual are the names of advanced technologies patented by the motorcycle companies. These Motorcycle companies has developed many state of the art technologies over the past few years. These technologies have not only improved the performance but have also increased the sells volume. Some of these technologies have even become trade mark of these companies. Customers get attracted by the fancy names of these technologies without even knowing the real concept behind them. In this post we will have a look over these amazing motorcycle technologies so that we can understand their basics. The knowledge about these brilliant innovation will further improve our understanding of engines and automobiles. 

    Digital Twin Spark Ignition ( DTS-i) 

    Digital twin spark ignition technology bajaj motors
    Pic Credits : Global Bajaj

    The first innovation in the series of amazing motorcycle technologies is DTS-i. Digital Twin Spark Ignition or DTS-i is a technology patented by Bajaj Motors. It is being used on motorcycles like Pulsars and XCD 125. The DTS-i not only takes care of the slow rate of combustion but also improves it further. The DTS-i engine has two spark plugs, in place of  one. These twin spark-plugs generate two sparks at opposite ends of the combustion chamber which are approximately 90° to the valve axis. Thus, the air-fuel mixture ignites in such a way that creates two fronts of the flame. It results in a reduction of flame travel to up to 40 percent. This leads to faster combustion which raises the combustion pressure rapidly. Ultimately, it helps the engine deliver more torque, better fuel efficiency, lower emissions and smooth operation. The firing of sparks is controlled digitally by Engine Control Unit ECU. Twin sparks if used in 4 valve engines can deliver amazing performance. 

    DTS-Si Technology

    DTS-Si means Digital Twin Spark Swirl Induction. This is an improved version of DTS-i Technology. This involved the optimisation of inlet port design, in order to create swirl in the supplied charge. This swirl helps in proper mixing of air and fuel.. This helps in quick flame propagation and hence better combustion. This technology is also patented by Bajaj Motors. 

    APDV Technology

    Advanced pro Series digital variable  ignition, hero, some amazing motorcycle technologies
    Pic Credit : Hero MotoCorp

    The next amazing motorcycle technology is APDV. It stands for advance pro series digital variable ignition system. Basically, it is an electronically controlled  ignition system used by Hero Motocorp in its 100 cc motorcycles. This technology promises better combustion, improved mileage and superior engine performance. The main components of APDV system are CDI (capacitive discharge igniter) and TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). The basic function of CDI is to store the current generated by ACG (alternating current generator) and supply it to ignition coil at the time of spark. The ignition coil is further connected to the spark plug. The TPS is fitted on carburetor. It monitors the position of throttle valve and gives signals to the CDI. The throttle valve opens or closes depending upon throttle given by the rider. Greater throttle means greater opening of valves which further implies greater speed. At higher engine speed, the combustion do not occur at right time  due to  the ignition lag.  There is some time lag between the time of spark and the actual combustion, which is called ignition lag.  At higher engine speed the actual combustion occurs after the piston starts moving down from TDC, which otherwise must have occured at the time piston reached TDC . This limits the power and mileage of the vehicle. Here the APDV technology come in to play. The CDI advances the spark time when the TPS sensor gives signals about greater opening of throttle valve. In this case the spark is generated little bit earlier than the time it was being created earlier. This is called spark advance. Spark advance provides time for ignition lag and help in initiation the combustion process at right time. This increases the mileage of the vehicle along with increasing the power and performance.

    Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System (ASFS) 

    Hero Glamour With ASFS Technology
    Pic Credit : Hero MotoCorp

    You might have noticed ASFS word written on hero motorcycles. It is another master piece in the list of amazing motorcycle technologies. It is generally used in 125 to 150 cc motorcycles. Its basic purpose is to create conditions suitable for proper mixing of air and fuel. ASFS stands for “Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System”. 

    Asfs advanced swirl flow induction system hero motorcycles, advanced technology

    Its objective is to provide a better “air+fuel” mixtue by Swirling the charge into the combustion chamber.This helps in proper burning of fuel resulting in lesser pollution and better fuel economy. The air fuel mixture is introduced in combustion chamber in such a way that it flows in swirling motion around the cylinder walls. For this, the design of the inlet port is optimised. This swirling motion helps in proper mixing of air and fuel which leads to better combustion. Due to better combustion the performance and efficiency of engine increases. The ASFS technology also decreases the air pollution since it decreases the amount of unburnt fuel in exhaust.

    Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology Or ATFT

    This is a little improved version of ASFS technology. It is also patented by Heromotocorp and is used in their higher cc bikes. This technology focuses on improving particle to particle contact between air and fuel by preparing a better mixture. For this, it creates a tumble flow inside the combustion chamber.  The tumble flow helps in increasing turbulence inside the engine creating a better air-fuel mixture. This proper mixing helps in better combustion improving the mileage and performance.

    I3S Technology

    Isle start stop technology Heromotocorp ismart mileage power i3s

    Pic Credit : Hero MotoCorp

    Idle Start Stop System or more popularly I3S  is again a patented technology of Heromotocorp. With this technology the company claims to improve the mileage of their bikes. All the lower cc motorcycles of Heromotocorp are available with an option of I3S. This system simply turns off the engine when the vehicle is idling. The reduction in  idling time, improves the mileage and reduce the emissions. The I3S system consists of a mini  I3S unit which monitors the throttle and gear positions, As soon as we stop idle at traffic, the I3S system turns off the engine by cutting off the supply to the spark plug. The vehicle can be started again by simply pressing the clutch. The idle condition here means that the gears are in neutral and no throttle is given.

    Honda Eco Technology (HET)

    Het Honda Eco technology amazing motorcycle technologies
    Pic Credit : Honda Two Wheelers
    For increasing efficiency and boosting up the mileage, Honda came out with HET . This amazing technology focuses on a three fold approach. This approach is quite similar to Blue core technology of Yamaha with some minor differences. It focuses on reducing friction, improving combustion and optimizing the transmission. Let's look at all these factors one by one.

    1.Improved combustion

    For improving combustion honda worked on two areas. Firstly it created a charge (air+fuel) induction system which was a combination of swirl flow and tumble flow.  For this they optimised the design of their inlet port. This combination caused a lot of Turbulence inside combustion chamber and helps in achieving what Honda calls 'ideal air fuel mixture'. This ideal mixing causes better combustion inside the engine. Further, Honda developed corrosion resistant spark plugs made of Nickel Alloy. Normal electrodes get corroded and their edges become curvy. This prevent the charge concentration at edges, making them less ignitable. Honda's nickel electrodes are harder and stronger. They corrode less and are able to maintain their sharp edges for a longer time. At the time of sparking most of the charge get concentrated at these edges  and spark can be formed very easily. That's why these electrodes are more ignitable

    2. Reduced Friction

                    Traditional and Offset Crankshaft

    Friction inside the engine is a major factor responsible for loss of power and reducing efficiency. For this it used off centered crankshafts. Off-centering of crankshaft reduces the sideways friction on piston and cylinder walls. It also used piston rings with less tension. Generally the ring are fitted on piston with a little bit of tension such that they try to expand and force against the cylinder walls. This force helps in sealing combustion gasses but increase the fiction between the rings and the engine cylinder. In order to reduce this friction Honda decreased the tension in rings. This decreased the friction and allowed it to reciprocate easily inside the cylinder. Honda has also decreased the weights of their reciprocating components. Due to this weigh reduction these components can reciprocate easily inside the engine. Also the less heavy components produce less vibrations. The total weight reduction is around 8%. This has also increased power to weight ratios. 

    3.Optimised pulley converter ratio. 

    Honda claimed that it has optimised the size ratio of their driving and driven pulley in such a way that it will improve the transmission efficiency. It has increased the radius of driving pulley as compared to previous one. This will help in transmitting power moe smoothly and efficiently. 

    Blue Core Technology

    Blue Core Technology is implemented by Yamaha in its motorcycles. It works on four principals to increase efficiency and performance. Those four principals are

    1.Improved Combustion Efficiency
    Yamaha Blue core technology, advanced technology motorcycles technology
       Tumble Flow

    Suzuki Eco Performance Or SEP

    Suzuki is famous for state of the art motorcycle technologies. Suzuki Eco Performance is developed by Suzuki specially for medium and small engines. SEP  promises to provide fuel efficiency along with performance. This technology is similar to HET and Blue Core . It uses a four step approach to achieve better performance and mileage. The technology works on

    Sep Suzuki Eco performance technology advanced motorcycle technology
    Pic Credit : Global Suzuki

    1. Improving Cooling Efficiency

    Suzuki is using oil cooled engines for its motorcycles. Oil cooled engines do not need any coolant or additional cooling arrangement. It has very advanced oil cooling technology which helps in keeping the engine cool. This prevents it from thermal deformations.

    2. Reduction in Friction Loss

    To reduce friction between piston an cylinder walls, Suzuki is using pistons with printed surface treatment of their skirt area. They have also optimised the design of their valves, rocker arms and retainers. They are now using roller rocker arms.

    3. Improvement of Combustion Efficiency

    To improve the combustion Suzuki have adopted 4 valve technology in their bikes. This technology uses two valves for intake and two for exhaust. This provides more space for air intake and exhaust. Better air supply insures the proper burning of air fuel mixture.

    4. Weight Reduction

    Suzuki has focused on reducing the overall weight of the engine. For this it has used single overhead camshaft instead of double overhead camshafts.  Suzuki has developed its technology so that it can use 4 valves on a single overhead cam shaft. This has helped in overall weight reduction.

    The world of automotive research is very dynamic. A multitude of new technologies are being discovered and utilized in vehicles. Some of those become popular while other get rejected by the people. This was a small overview of some amazing motorcycle technologies. We hope you enjoyed it. Although we tried to include most of the technologies but it is quite possible that we may have missed some of them. Please do let us know in the comment section if you find some of them missing. 


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