The first Indian BS-6 Motorcycle: Hero Splendor Ismart

After a long wait the first Indian BS6 motorcycle Hero Splendor Ismart was launched earlier this month. This is a 110cc motorcycle with programmed Fuel Injection Technology. With this, Hero Motocorp becomes the first company to launch a BS6 compatible motorcycle in India. It is a well known fact that the sales of BS4 motorcycles would be prohibited from 1st of  April 2020. The Motorcycle manufactures in India are in great pressure to launch their BS6 compatible models. And now Hero motocorp comes out far ahead of them all with this recent launch. So let's look at the features and new technologies used in this motorcycle
Autoqurious hero splendor Ismart bs6

Programmed Fuel injection Technology

This technology is the major improvement from the older version. The new Ismart uses programmed fuel injector instead of the carburetors. This technology incorporates Fuel injector along with 
5 sensors as listed below:

MAP Sensor
Provides smoother ride 

Engine Oil temperature Sensor
Improves Engine life

Air Inlet Temperature Sensor
Improves cold startability

Throttle Position Sensor
Improves torque

Oxygen Sensor
Works in conjugation with Fuel injector to improve mileage

This combination of Fuel injector and sensors is controlled by a programmed engine control unit.

Learn more about programmed fuel injection system

Revolutionary I3S Technology

Autoqurious i3s technology

The new Bs6 version of Ismart is also based on I3S technology similar to its earlier BS4 version. The I3S is a technology patented by Hero Motocorp. The two wheeler giant claims that this technology improves the mileage of motorcycle.  I3S stands for Idle Start Stop System. This is a programmed system which turns off the vehicle, when it is in idle condition for for times. Idle condition implies that the gears are neutral and the accelerator is completely released. This kind of condition is generally encountered during traffic jams. This automatic turn off feature helps in saving fuel considerably. 

Bank Angle Sensor

A new safety feature of Bank angle sensor has been introduced in this motorcycle. This helps in turning off the engine when it is tilted beyond a certain limit. This feature comes in to play when the vehicle rolls over during accidents. In such conditions it turns off the motorcycle preventing any further miss happening . 

Integrated Braking System

This vehicle has advanced Integrated Braking System which improves the overall braking up experience. IBS distributes the braking force between front and rear wheels in the ration of 40:60. This increases the effectiveness of braking and reduces the stopping distance. 

Other features of the motorcycle

The new Splendor Ismart is powered by a 110cc air cooled engine, which produces power of 6.73 KE at 7500 rpm and max torque of 9.89 Nm at 5500 rpm. It is available in attractive red, blue and gray color variants. It engine feels smooth and refined. The engine noise has been reduced significantly as compared to the BS4 variant. The seat and the siting stance is comfortable. At last I will conclude that Hero has produced a stylish and fun to ride motorcycle. The new version is far better than the previous one. It would be interesting to see how does it performs in market. 
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