Tubeless tyres

Tubeless tyres have become a trend now days. More and more people are switching to tubeless tyres from the tube ones. With this post we will try to understand their benefits in a short and simple way. 
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Tube Tyres

The tube tyres are being used for a very long period of time. A few years back almost all the tyre used to have tubes inside them. They have three sub parts. i.e  rim,  tube and the tyre. The tube is placed in between the rim and the tyre. It is stretchable & delicate and can burst like a balloon if pinched by a sharp needle.  While the tyres are thick and strong so as to protect the tube from external factors. The biggest problem with tube tyres is that in case of a puncture it bursts and the air comes out suddenly making the car unstable. This sudden air leak at the time of puncture do not provide us any time to go to a mechanic and get it sealed. In those cases either you have to use your stepney or have to drive all along with your punctured wheels. To get a solution for this problem the tubeless tyres were invented. Let's look at their functioning.

Tubeless Tyres

Properties of a Tubeless tyre

Tubeless tyres have only two sub parts i.e the tire and the tube.  Having the name ''tubeless' do not mean that they have no tube. They do have tubes, but the tubes are integral to the tyres i.e. both form a single unit. The air filling valves in tubeless tyres are mounted on the rim  while the same in tube tyres are fitted in tubes. The rim of tubeless tyres do not contain any hole so as to make the whole assembly air tight. The tyres are mounted on the rim and the air is filled in between the rim and the tyre.

Advantages Of Tubeless Tyres.

1. The greatest advantage of a tubeless tyre is that, it do not burst suddenly at the time of a puncture. The air keep on leaking from the puncture site at a very slow rate. It is so slow that it gives you enough time to drive to a mechanic and get it repaired.

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Punctured wheel
2. The puncture in tubeless tyres can be repaired very easily. You yourself can repair it if you have a puncture repair kit.

3. They have lesser weight as they do not contain tube.

4. The tube tyres experience some amount of internal friction in between the tyre, the tube and the rim. This friction produces heat that increases the tyre's temperature

Disadvantages Of Tubeless Tyres

1. A greatest disadvantage of tube tyres is their cost. Their cost a a bit higher than the tube ones.

2. It is very difficult to fit the tyre on rim in case of tubeless tyres. It needs a skilled person to mount it.

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