Integrated or Combi Braking System

Government of india have made it compulsory for all existing, below 125 cc bikes to have combi brakes from April 2019 . Lets have a look at functioning of CBS

There is a common belief in Indian riders that rear brakes are more stable. But it is a myth, in reality neither the front nor the real brakes alone are stable. But it is their combination which is the safest. Lets have a look at functioning of CBS . Combi braking System (CBS) means that the brake will act on front and rear wheels together every time the brakes are applied. 

When the rider presses the rear brake pedal, the braking effort is transferred to  the front  as well  as  the  rear  wheels.  CBS has  an  equalizer which divides the braking force between front and rear wheels in a desired ratio. Generally the desired ratio is 70:30 or 60:40 between rear and front wheels. This ratio provide a great braking experience.
Integrated or Combi braking system
Now since the braking effort is divided between front  and  the rear wheels sudden  braking do not  cause  wheel locking,   as   the huge braking force applied gets  divided  between the  front  and the  rear wheels.

Also the front brakes are applied a bit latter of application of rear brakes. It prevents the chances of lifting up of rear wheels due to weight transfer.

CBS reduces the braking distance and provides stability to the vehicle which otherwise would have skid in case of sudden application of brakes causing injuries to the rider.
This system has been in use since more than 30 years internationally but it was introduced in India by Honda in the year 2009 with Honda Activa.

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